Monday, October 27, 2008

on and on...

Our celebrating continues...
meet my "supers" ! happy early halloween! we had a blast at pumkinfest this weekend. this really is one of my fave events. hardly enough time trick or treating for all the socializing going on. and too bad we had to cut it short for soccer games. but oh the fun!!!!

up next...we met up with a scarecrow and 6ft witch at Sonya and Drason's annual pumpkin carving contest. thanks for another great party guys! can you guess who my supers are hanging out with?

we have never left the annual event without a prize. seriously- last minute joe usually pulls thru with a pumpkin carving win every year. but, nope, not this year. this year- our Brax came thru for us- winning the apple-bobbing contest. his prize- a starbucks card- which he very much intends to use- getting his hot chocolate!

briley's favorite part of the day she claims is painting and carving her own pumpkin! yes- all by herself.

this week continues the fall celebration - 3 parties and the actual trick or treating (which i am still unsure where will be done???)

on a side note- today this sweet girl excitedly took her very first Lord's Supper. she was soooo excited. and yes, i sooo cried. i can not explain what an amazing experience it was. i am overwhelmed with joy.


new mom in law said...

Love Briley's smile with her teeth missing. And all your *Supers* are adorable!!

sonya said...

thanks so much for bringing your crew out on saturday... and big thanks for letting us borrow your hay & 4 wheeler! got several comments on the pumpkin cookies too-- they were so yum! love you.

new mom in law said...

I am a friend of Robin Carter. Your mom came with her to my daughter's wedding!!!!!!!!!!! Praying for your dad. Thanks for the comment!!