Thursday, July 30, 2009

i love science

i love science. and thank goodness the big kids are showing interest too- esp briley.

with that said-and with all our days being filled with rain lately- we ventured to the science museum.

it can be quite wild keeping up with 3 explorers. there is alot to see and a huge jungle gym that spits you out on multiple floors. so, yes, i lost my kids several times but found them seconds before total meltdowns could occur.

we loved discussing the body parts and the solar system. we loved climbing. i love watching them soak it all in and refreshing myself on things forgotten since i have acquired mommy brain.

we had a blast and can't wait to go back soon and especially do the planetarium part.

this is one of the things i remember from my childhood days at the science museum. the static ball. come on, i know you remember touching it while on your field trip!

and, of course, someone always has to be gross!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


sometimes you hide under the covers in mommy's bed just for fun...
sometimes daddy has to stop not once but twice in a 1/4 mile stretch on a rescue mission...
sometimes you have to find just the perfect little spot to sit...
and sometimes as parents we are blessed with a special breakfast made by 2 very special kiddos!

sometimes i just can't believe how fun, and crazy, our life can be!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

where i got my start

back in the fall of last year joey and my dad were in the town i was born in and took this picture.

this was my parents very first house.

this was the house my parents brought me home to days after i was born.

this picture is 30 yrs later...

i look at this picture and can only imagine how it was back then. you see, my dad was meticulous about the yard. in fact, he won yard of the month for his hard work. pictures my mom have of the place back in the day show a green striped yard, flowers galore, and well - a happy little family.

i can just imagine myself toddling in the yard with my dog jake. i can just imagine...

sometimes i think it would be so wonderful to have memory recall of your really early years.
thanks goodness my mom (like me) took lots of pictures to document life and memories.

i feel so blessed to come where i come from.

Friday, July 17, 2009

make you laugh

sometimes i feel sorry for ole brax.
it can be tough having a big sis that can convince you to do ANYTHING!
and yeppers, that includes dressing like a girl (if you can get past the dress and necklace- check out the 2 ribbons in his hair- too funny!).
joey and i were quite surprised when these 2 characters walked into our bedroom the other day.
whoa! my boy as a girl and my girl as a boy?!?!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


it's hard to believe but we have never taken our kiddos to peruse downtown nashvegas on a friday nite. maybe it's the honky tonks, or the "wildness" of a weekend nite downtown, or maybe it's that we choose to go on a date instead of juggling the kids... but... we just haven't done it until...last night.

we had gone with some buddies to visit some more buddies that just had beautiful baby Cate and well... we couldn't resist.

honestly, the draw was the famous boot store Joey wanted to visit. so, we unloaded and embarked on a boot adventure. Joey scored with 3 cool pair. Briley posed for hours. all 3 kiddos tried on multiple boots. and cool "uncle" Jeff came thru with cool cowboy hats! it was crazy fun. and no-we didn't hit the honky tonks, but the kids glanced in as many places they could to get a view of where the loud music was coming from.

"uncle" jeff and the cowboy hats!

my fave pic of the nite- bri and one of her many poses with some boots she thought she needed

Thursday, July 9, 2009

fabulous fountain fun

our 3rd attempt proved successful. the fountains were up and fabulously flowing.

briley can always find something crazy to get in to!

pure enjoyment.
lunch with a view.

love this next pic. how cool it was to find home on the gigantic state map!
notice how interested the bear was.

Monday, July 6, 2009


why such awe and amazement on these faces?

why the fireworks, of course!

we squeaked in the last few minutes of the big boomers on account that they started earlier than scheduled to dodge the approaching storms. we literally pulled off the side of the busy road, jumped on the hood, and luckily- what we did manage to see impressed these troops!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

a big crew...

a big crew went on a fab vacation. and while we were there we did lots of...


exploring waterfalls

swimming in rivers and pools

testing out the old school high dive at a S.C. state park (Briley has NO FEAR)

making our on fun by sliding down slippery rocks (some more dangerous than others but all memorable)

driving boats

starting fires (don't worry Smokey Bear - we put it out)

having a blast on the jet ski


oh and of course- holding snakes

having family dinners (the entire lankford crew minus 1- missed you Gavin!)

experiencing the awesomeness of amazing views

loving on baby jade (don't know who is more excited Briley or Poppi about his 2 girls)

not to leave out...
the movie watching (courteous of Nonni), the nail painting, the scrabble playing, the kid tossing in the pool, the cliff jumping, the car driving, the Bible reading, the staying up late just b/c it's vacation, and...
as usual -this very big crew had a very good time