Saturday, July 4, 2009

a big crew...

a big crew went on a fab vacation. and while we were there we did lots of...


exploring waterfalls

swimming in rivers and pools

testing out the old school high dive at a S.C. state park (Briley has NO FEAR)

making our on fun by sliding down slippery rocks (some more dangerous than others but all memorable)

driving boats

starting fires (don't worry Smokey Bear - we put it out)

having a blast on the jet ski


oh and of course- holding snakes

having family dinners (the entire lankford crew minus 1- missed you Gavin!)

experiencing the awesomeness of amazing views

loving on baby jade (don't know who is more excited Briley or Poppi about his 2 girls)

not to leave out...
the movie watching (courteous of Nonni), the nail painting, the scrabble playing, the kid tossing in the pool, the cliff jumping, the car driving, the Bible reading, the staying up late just b/c it's vacation, and...
as usual -this very big crew had a very good time

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