Sunday, August 29, 2010

snoozin' and spoonin'

of whispering until
sleep finally takes over...
someone stealing all the covers... and the comfort of knowing each other are close...

if the peacefulness will last all nite...with 2 on top
and 1 below...
this bunk room
is full of snoozers...
and spooners:)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

the snooze

                                 ...sometimes no matter how hard you try...
                                                         you just can't stay awake...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bane Bane Game

so I sit here tonite.

i have listened more closely to a little girl who is growing so fast and who means the world to me tell me about her day. smelling her hair and clean skin as i tuck her in bed. not hastily as in the past but slowly, listening intently, and wondering how in the world i blinked and she became this big.
a little girl who has more in her head than i know.
funny how when kids are home with you all the time you know everything about them, but then... they go to school and do things on their own.. and you don't know every detail of their lives and well...

I STOPPED ALL THE UNIMPORTANT-NESS of packing and cleaning a house to LISTEN to this treasure of mine...not taking one second for granted. 

she and i decided next
that she should just come sleep in my bed tonite
and oh sweetness the excitement shone in her eyes.

BECAUSE OF BANE BANE and his GAME heart and mind are constantly searching for ways to do more,
help more,
love more, be more
to someone around me.

hummm...nicer to the checkout clerk who is having a day that i know absolutely nothing about and shouldn't judge her on it but maybe ask her how she is...
or maybe cling more to my precious family and let the pull of the world and all it asks of me to fall away...or pay for the starbucks coffee for the car next in line in the drive thru ...or the easy give a smile, an acknowledgement to someone around me because everyone likes to be recognized, appreciated...

or what about being a friend to one who knows no one
which leads me back to my talk tonite with Briley. WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR SOMEONE IN HONOR OF BANE?


Briley told about the new girl at school who had no one to play with on the playground today and how she went over to her and they got a game started. LOVE OTHERS. GO OUT OF YOUR WAY TO LOVE others.

think about it. do it. PLAY IT PAY IT LOVE IT forward.

Monday, August 23, 2010

i don't see enough...

why is it we don't see some family members enough?
why does it seem so hard?
it's not, it's just we don't stop to do it.
well, in the 3 weekends i have been blessed to see some of my favorite family peeps! and a couple of them we've managed to see twice.
these 2 cousins are born exactly 1 month apart
these 2 cousins couldn't be more different...born worlds apart, one is a fair maiden and the other a dark beauty
i'll never forget the memories we made growing up. and how blessed i am still by this sweet cousin.
and this precious face belongs to one of our most favorite people in the world.
a man who has always had a bond with the kids and still to this day is young at heart and full of tricks.

family...they help write the story of our lives and make us who we are.
they are a gift.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

1st day...

Thursday August 12 was the first day of school. Briley started 3rd and Braxton headed into 1st.
I wasn't ready for summer to end and neither were they. Well, Bri was a bit more ok with the idea than her brother. He is perfectly content chilling at home with the fam where Bri is always ready for a party & friends.

my big kids heading out for the first day of class with only minor jitters.

handsome 1st grader who was very pumped over his karate kid tee!

beautiful gal who picked out her own new cowgirlish 1st day shirt!

Brax decided after his 1st day of 1st grade that they do too much work in first grade. or maybe it was we did so much playing this summer that it's going to take us a while to get focused on work again:) hum?

Bri loved her 1st day of 3rd grade and once again has best buds in her class. can't believe this gal is growing up so fast. even i remember my 3rd grade year and i really remember 4th and 5th and so!

Still haven't done the bus thing yet this year...that is starting asap b/c getting 4 kids and myself to school on time is quite a challenge.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Bane ... a beautiful, smiley, solid as a rock, happy, just like his daddy, full of soft curls, precious, handsome, bow tie wearing, little brother to the gorgeous livi.. perfect little man we will never forget...

Monday, August 9, 2010

bristol's welcome home shower

These sweet girls hosted a
Welcome Home Bristol Baby Shower
Sunday afternoon and I am still overwhelmed at the outpouring of love from them and all the folks who attended.

Bristol and I are so blessed to be surrounded by such a group of friends and family that support us, love us, lift us up, hold us, pray for us, and have fun with us!

the hostesses (minus 1) with bristol and i
bristol loved being the center of attention (like always)

my south african friend Sam is such a treasure! how often does God place that sweet someone in your life at just the right time:)

my 2 girls...oh how excited i am that big sis finally has a lil' sis
and that i have 2 girlies:)
not sure i would know how to act at a party without
my briley!? she is the greatest sidekick and such a
gift from God to me!
oh and the awesome banner above by Em is fab!
you can't see it all but trust me!
can not wait to hang this in Bristol's room!
Thanks to everyone!
Everyone who hosted (everything was just perfect)
and everyone who came (amazing)!
I am blessed by each and every one of you in some way and I love you all.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

post #2 of the day is titled...someone...

someone is getting too old.
someone grows more beautiful each day.
someone wants to try a little make up every now and then.
someone surprises me daily
with a
kind gesture or thoughtfulness,
with a sassy outfit complete with earrings and shoes,
with such compassion,
with such creativity.
someone helps me so much that i am
not sure i could do it without her.
someone wants to have girl time,
chats at bedtime,
give each other manicures.
someone thinks her mommy is the best.
someone, i pray, will always think this is true.
someone finally (after 5 yrs and 5 months)
has a front tooth.
someone i love more than words can say.
      and that someone, of course,is my briley beth.

celebrating 1 month

1 month ago today a baby girl came into our arms and hearts forever.
1 month ago today we held her in our arms for the very first time.
1 month ago today we were overwhelmed with emotion and love
for a child we had prayed for so many months for.  
1 month ago today we met a scared, quiet little angel with eyes than almost seemed
dull or glassy.
It wasn't until we got home that I noticed her eyes changing.
Changing from dull to bright.
I look into these same deep dark brown eyes today and see life.
I see a twinkle, a sparkle.
A whole lot of love over this past month has changed the eyes of a child,
the life of a child, the life of a family.

I can say that 1 month later we can not imagine life without our Bristol.
Her spirit, her personality, her smile, her beautiful eyes, her dimples, her soft skin...
My heart is fuller because of this baby girl.
My life is more blessed because out of all the children in the world,
out of all the children in Ethiopia
Our God chose Bristol Askedech Ayele 
to be forever ours.