Monday, August 9, 2010

bristol's welcome home shower

These sweet girls hosted a
Welcome Home Bristol Baby Shower
Sunday afternoon and I am still overwhelmed at the outpouring of love from them and all the folks who attended.

Bristol and I are so blessed to be surrounded by such a group of friends and family that support us, love us, lift us up, hold us, pray for us, and have fun with us!

the hostesses (minus 1) with bristol and i
bristol loved being the center of attention (like always)

my south african friend Sam is such a treasure! how often does God place that sweet someone in your life at just the right time:)

my 2 girls...oh how excited i am that big sis finally has a lil' sis
and that i have 2 girlies:)
not sure i would know how to act at a party without
my briley!? she is the greatest sidekick and such a
gift from God to me!
oh and the awesome banner above by Em is fab!
you can't see it all but trust me!
can not wait to hang this in Bristol's room!
Thanks to everyone!
Everyone who hosted (everything was just perfect)
and everyone who came (amazing)!
I am blessed by each and every one of you in some way and I love you all.

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