Thursday, August 5, 2010

celebrating 1 month

1 month ago today a baby girl came into our arms and hearts forever.
1 month ago today we held her in our arms for the very first time.
1 month ago today we were overwhelmed with emotion and love
for a child we had prayed for so many months for.  
1 month ago today we met a scared, quiet little angel with eyes than almost seemed
dull or glassy.
It wasn't until we got home that I noticed her eyes changing.
Changing from dull to bright.
I look into these same deep dark brown eyes today and see life.
I see a twinkle, a sparkle.
A whole lot of love over this past month has changed the eyes of a child,
the life of a child, the life of a family.

I can say that 1 month later we can not imagine life without our Bristol.
Her spirit, her personality, her smile, her beautiful eyes, her dimples, her soft skin...
My heart is fuller because of this baby girl.
My life is more blessed because out of all the children in the world,
out of all the children in Ethiopia
Our God chose Bristol Askedech Ayele 
to be forever ours.

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