Thursday, August 5, 2010

post #2 of the day is titled...someone...

someone is getting too old.
someone grows more beautiful each day.
someone wants to try a little make up every now and then.
someone surprises me daily
with a
kind gesture or thoughtfulness,
with a sassy outfit complete with earrings and shoes,
with such compassion,
with such creativity.
someone helps me so much that i am
not sure i could do it without her.
someone wants to have girl time,
chats at bedtime,
give each other manicures.
someone thinks her mommy is the best.
someone, i pray, will always think this is true.
someone finally (after 5 yrs and 5 months)
has a front tooth.
someone i love more than words can say.
      and that someone, of course,is my briley beth.


Anonymous said...

You have a special way of blogging our families journey. I am amazed when I read you post. Keep it up! I love you.........Joe

Emilee Caralee said...

This sweet girl is getting more and more beautiful each time I see her! She is such a wonderful young lady!
~Miss Emilee