Monday, August 23, 2010

i don't see enough...

why is it we don't see some family members enough?
why does it seem so hard?
it's not, it's just we don't stop to do it.
well, in the 3 weekends i have been blessed to see some of my favorite family peeps! and a couple of them we've managed to see twice.
these 2 cousins are born exactly 1 month apart
these 2 cousins couldn't be more different...born worlds apart, one is a fair maiden and the other a dark beauty
i'll never forget the memories we made growing up. and how blessed i am still by this sweet cousin.
and this precious face belongs to one of our most favorite people in the world.
a man who has always had a bond with the kids and still to this day is young at heart and full of tricks.

family...they help write the story of our lives and make us who we are.
they are a gift.

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