Thursday, July 30, 2009

i love science

i love science. and thank goodness the big kids are showing interest too- esp briley.

with that said-and with all our days being filled with rain lately- we ventured to the science museum.

it can be quite wild keeping up with 3 explorers. there is alot to see and a huge jungle gym that spits you out on multiple floors. so, yes, i lost my kids several times but found them seconds before total meltdowns could occur.

we loved discussing the body parts and the solar system. we loved climbing. i love watching them soak it all in and refreshing myself on things forgotten since i have acquired mommy brain.

we had a blast and can't wait to go back soon and especially do the planetarium part.

this is one of the things i remember from my childhood days at the science museum. the static ball. come on, i know you remember touching it while on your field trip!

and, of course, someone always has to be gross!

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