Sunday, July 12, 2009


it's hard to believe but we have never taken our kiddos to peruse downtown nashvegas on a friday nite. maybe it's the honky tonks, or the "wildness" of a weekend nite downtown, or maybe it's that we choose to go on a date instead of juggling the kids... but... we just haven't done it until...last night.

we had gone with some buddies to visit some more buddies that just had beautiful baby Cate and well... we couldn't resist.

honestly, the draw was the famous boot store Joey wanted to visit. so, we unloaded and embarked on a boot adventure. Joey scored with 3 cool pair. Briley posed for hours. all 3 kiddos tried on multiple boots. and cool "uncle" Jeff came thru with cool cowboy hats! it was crazy fun. and no-we didn't hit the honky tonks, but the kids glanced in as many places they could to get a view of where the loud music was coming from.

"uncle" jeff and the cowboy hats!

my fave pic of the nite- bri and one of her many poses with some boots she thought she needed

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Christina said...

I love the little cowgirl! She is just precious! And the picture above, the kids dressing like each other is so funny! Gotta love their spirit!