Thursday, July 23, 2009

where i got my start

back in the fall of last year joey and my dad were in the town i was born in and took this picture.

this was my parents very first house.

this was the house my parents brought me home to days after i was born.

this picture is 30 yrs later...

i look at this picture and can only imagine how it was back then. you see, my dad was meticulous about the yard. in fact, he won yard of the month for his hard work. pictures my mom have of the place back in the day show a green striped yard, flowers galore, and well - a happy little family.

i can just imagine myself toddling in the yard with my dog jake. i can just imagine...

sometimes i think it would be so wonderful to have memory recall of your really early years.
thanks goodness my mom (like me) took lots of pictures to document life and memories.

i feel so blessed to come where i come from.

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