Saturday, May 14, 2011

wildlife and life...

our life this week was...

spent with these guys 
that Briley always enjoys
preaching to...

blessed by "uncle Steve" 
coming from TN
to check out our ministry here
and to follow God's call... 

this girl grew up even more...

wildlife was abundant...

there was a man-size baboon
amongst many others...

a snake farm visit 
made the older 3 want a slithery pet...
absolutely  a "No"...

horned beast
stopped us in our tracks...

and the greatest treat of the week...

this little life 
was welcomed into our family....

though we are thousands of miles away
the proud parents
gave us a special surprise by 
skype-ing us
immediately after his birth
so we could be the 
1st ones
to hear 
the announcement
"it's a boy!!".
you made us feel so apart of the celebration
even though we were so far away.
we were so blessed.
congrats uncle rich, aunt dana,
and sweet sis

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