Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Vietnam Update

Don't get too excited. I won't usually post 2x in one day but, I have news to share. Well, atleast a prayer request. I heard rumors today about Vietnam and US suspending adoptions as of September 1, 2008. That means if you haven't been referred a child by that date, then, your adoption paperwork will be sent back from Vietnam to your agency. The adoption door will close. The reason for this is what the US says are irregularities in adoption, corruption, and unethical processes. The adoption system is a mess that is going to take quite some work to fix. (You can read details by clicking on any of the links under Vietnam Adoption Websites on the sidebar.)

I called our agency today to get some answers. I am not panicked or really even anxious yet, I just needed to get it all straight in my head. See, we are not even on the waiting list for Vietnam, yet. We must file with CIS and wait approx 10 weeks to get a form that states we can adopt internationally. Only then can we be put on the waiting list. And, we are a few weeks out from filing. Potentially, we have, let's say 14 weeks/3.5 months. That puts us in August before we would receive acceptance and can even be put on the waiting list. In the meantime, there is supposed to be an official visit from Vietnam head in June to discuss the adoption conflict. My prayer is something can be worked out during that visit, so, when our acceptance rolls around we will know some answers.

I know God called us to adopt and I have felt so drawn to Vietnam and it's orphans. I also know that God is in control and sometimes He takes us down one path to lead us to another. Sometimes, God closes one door only to open another. I don't know the answers, but, I know we are staying the course set before us.

Please pray for the orphans in Vietnam and all over the world. Daily, they miss out on the love of a mom and dad and a family. Pray for the 2 governments to come to an agreement that benefits these precious children. Please pray for us as we continue this journey.

Thanks for hearing me out.

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heidi r weimer said...

I linked to your blog from your comment on Boothe's blog. Just catching up on your beautiful fam and ran across this post on you guys adopting! HELLOOOOO!!! That is our passion! Kirk and I just brought home 3 kids from Ethiopia (to add to our 3 bio kids) in January of this year.

You can check out our blog and see what is going on in the Weimer Bunch at www.blessingsfromethiopia.blogspot.com.

I feel blessed to see how your life is coming full circle and that are your family are such servants of Christ.

Much love,
heidi huebner weimer