Sunday, March 22, 2009

+ 6

a conversation started a few weeks ago about about us NEEDING these...

well- Joey and the kids convinced me that baby chicks were a great idea for our family. With that said- we loaded up Saturday for the local TSC. The folks at TSC make it oh-so-easy for a family to take home baby chicks- with a start up kit and all!

On the way there I asked Joey how many we would get? 2? more? Wouldn't you know those TSC folks sell them by the half dozen! Are you kidding me? So now, we are the proud owners of 6 babies. Where do they live you ask?

Here we are getting them settled in their new home... down in our barn, in their homemade home (and yes, we destroyed our Sears car-topper for this little farming project- Joey always hated that thing anyway)!

any guesses on how long they will survive around here?

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