Wednesday, March 11, 2009

was it only a dream?

the past few days have brought us fabulous weather. literally, we we've spent most of the past 5 days outside.

if you know me you know i love love love being outside. so does joey and i can now offically say all 3 of our kiddos love it too! we have helped daddy fence, rode the 4 wheeler, ran 'til we could run no more, picked daffodils, had several picnics, ate our 1st dinner of the spring on the deck (yea- no sweeping after the meal- i love it). We have played in the creek, checked turkey feeders, drug out the dusty riding toys from the garage, caught what we think are frog eggs, played at the park, and mommy even got to walk a couple miles on the park trail. yes- i love warm weather!

but today we awoke to more cold dreariness.
was the wonderful warm weather only a dream?
come spring come!
just a few pics...
braxton and barron love the park. after much chasing i confined them to the swings.
we also loved our adventure with our friend lila. She met us for a picnic and some climbing adventures. this was the best i could do to photograph these two. let's just say they are both very busy!

here's to wishing for more warm weather...


Amanda Pilkinton said...

Cute pics. I hope it was not only a dream, I am sooooo ready for Spring!!!

Kristi J said...

Hope you guys are doing well...cute pics...more good weather today...hopng it sticks around....and Praying we have some good news soon...kristi