Monday, March 8, 2010

part 1 of 3

part 1 goes like this...

our crew ventured to the United States Air F*rce Academy

this is where we started- a view of the campus

this shows the cadet chapel- that incredible spiked high bldg you see

ths chapel was breath-taking to say the least. you can see some of the stained glass reflecting on the R side. this was on both sides and went all the way up to the ceiling. you could also see thru the other panels to watch the clouds roll by and look in awe at the mountains. again, i say wow!

more on this later...

our next stop had brax fired up. not only the field but ... what... practice. cool! (that's him after he snuck all the way to the front row)

come on, mom! the boys went on the field. can we go?!

not joking. we stood on the sidelines for practice and...

even got a pic with a very generous player:)
now for a highlight!

now to make this entire experience even grand-er we returned Sunday for worship in the chapel. amazing! i couldn't help but praise the Lord as i witnessed these soldiers worshipping. and we were even able to be a part of communion. to worship here today will always be a blessing to me.
and yes, as soon as the singin' stopped and the preachin' started the bear went comatose until the entire service was done. good thing too b/c the big kids had chosen the 2nd pew from the front as our place of worship!

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Dana said...

All I can keep saying is I AM SO GLAD YOU GUYS ARE GETTING TO EXPERIENCE THIS ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY!!!!!!!! What memomries...what fun...these days are building deep bonds between your family of 5...and almost 6!!! Keep us posted on Bristol news! I am dying here!!!! :) I love you, sister!