Tuesday, March 9, 2010

part 2 of 3

we talked with mimi about how when she was 8 yrs old (briley's age) her family drove out on route 66 and rode the cog way up pikes peak. how cool it was for bri to do the same adventure @ the same age as mimi. (with the exception of route 66- isn't that the road mater and lightenin' use??? movies, not real life? hehe!)

the station looked like it hadn't changed in years as did the city. $35 motel folks. no joke- looked just like it did when mimi was here i bet!?the view from halfway up the peak

the rocks out the window are in feet and feet and feet of snow. and rocks- well that is why they call it the rockies!
on our stop we got a good pic of our cog train
a look back up the tracks towards the peak

and well, this was all she wrote! we were disappointed not to make it all the way to the top. 12000 vs 14000 ft was all the ole train could do b/c well the snow was too deep. so deep in fact they were going to use dynamite to blow it up! now that is some snow!

no matter, we enjoyed the trip and doing an american adventure... ridin' up the peak!

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