Monday, April 12, 2010

i had a birthday

sunday was my birthday.

i love birthdays. not just my birthday, but any birthday.
birthdays celebrate people and what's more fun than that?!
i thought this year i'd get a crew together and go eat somewhere i'd never been.

we had a blast!

my amazing parents above and sweetest sister below.

and below a few more of my fun party-ers!

thanks to everyone for celebrating with me and for loving me:)

..........and my 2 most favorite presents came from 2 very special people in my life.
these 2 earned some $ from aunt dana and bought me bday gifts at a g- sale in her neighborhood.
these are treasures...

a cross necklace straight from the holy land from brax
and a shadowbox of seashells for our lil bathroom from bri.
i couldn't be more blessed:)


Ashley said...

Sweet friend... Happy Birthday!

Praying for you today! I KNOW it has to be this week. God is working wonders on your behalf that we just do not get to lay eyes on just yet. I CANNOT WAIT!

KellyRose said...

Happy Birthday! You seriously look like you are 12 in these pictures....I'm jealous! :)
Thinking of you this week!

Grace and Fam said...

Hey doll! We loved celebrating with you. Here's to MANY more:)

Amy said...

Happy Happy to beautiful Courtney! How precious are your kiddos? Oh me.....
I'm glad you had a good one :)