Tuesday, July 20, 2010

#3 Ethiopia

Tuesday 7/6/10

We had 2 new kids meet their forever families today. It is so amazing to watch the bonds begin to grow. We now have all met our children and everyone is staying at the House of Hope 2 Guest Home. There are 11 of us total (4 of them our adopted children).

Today we went to The Lion Zoo.

Hence the name, the place is full of lions. Lions that live in a concrete paddock with iron bars and then a rickety old chain link fence. Lions that you can touch if you so please and even stick your hand in their mouths and tempt then if you please (as did one gentleman in order for us to get a good pic and for him to get a tip).

Side note...it's all about tips here...tips for pictures, tips for keeping people from bothering you by hitting them with sticks in the market, tips for shining your shoes or holding your bags or what the heck...tips for just tips!

Back to the Zoo... I bet I am safe to say some animal abuse groups with have fits if something like this ever showed up in the States. It's not that they are abused, I never saw that, it's just they live in tee tiny concrete quarters.Cage after cage after cage of pacing lions we stared at and took pics with... a sad life I must say.

There were several other animals at the zoo...some monkeys, a baboon, caged ducks?, some kind of antlered deer like animal (forgot the name)...and that was it.
Load 'em up and move 'em out for the next adventure...

The Zoo was quite an experience...not sure I'll ever actually get that up close with a lion again.

After a lunch and a rest break we headed to the National Museum. I could not believe all the amazing artifacts, some dating back to the 3rd century. There was an emperor's throne, a crown, money, utensils...display after display of things dated further back than my mind wants to comprehend. It was here we were shown the bones of "Lucy". In case you haven't heard of her she was featured in the news and National Geographic as being the oldest remains of human ancestry...kind of like an ape that walked on 2 legs and much too involved in the whole evolution talks that I do not believe in. Anyway, it was very cool to be up close and personal with her bones and with those bones of "the earliest child" Selam. Once again, way to ape and not so much human. Joey got our guide going on this topic...just a hard pill to swallow...funny!
Lucy bones
Emperor's throne

(Joey, Bristol, Eden and Gina...plus Angie and I taking pics...touring together today)

We enjoyed our excursions today but I decided that long van rides on dirt roads with huge random potholes and diesel fumes and erratic driving (not necessarily on our driver's part but just in general) leave me teetering on being car sick. It was always a blessing to see the gates of our guest house.

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