Friday, July 23, 2010

#4 Ethiopia

Wednesday 7/7/10

thought i'd just share tidbits from my journal entry to start off...

Today we played with the other kids here at HOH2 and each family completed paperwork with the most patient, always kind...Fikr.

Joey is actually with him now on an excursion for more formula and rice cereal to last us until we get home and get Bristol checked out by our pediatrician. I am resting here in our courtyard feeling the warm Ethiopian sun on my face while I journal and read. Bristol is napping. She is a champ at sleeping for us.

I continue to be amazed at the people here in Addis and at HOH2. Genuine, humble, precious people. Something that stands out...Joey and I have been struck by their desire for cleanliness. Appearances are valued it seems. They are shining shoes that will end up in a muddy or dusty hole with the next step or cleaning car tires that will be right smack dab in the mud again as soon as the car pulls away. The ladies here want the babies faces clean after meals and are ready to help out. The women are covered with not much skin showing. Most everyone smiles at you and by all appearances are friendly. There are men dressed in suits just walking the streets or at their jobs that don't require this type of dress at all. The people here draw me in. I want to watch, to love. Oh my, This journey is just so incredible. So beyond words.

About Bristol...she does awesome in highchair, crawls well, pulls up, stands holding finger and even accidently alone for a split sec, knows what she wants and can be a spitfire. She is one smart cookie who doesn't miss much (like hiding what she thinks is a good toy for her to chew on behind me and her crawling around me to find it). She loves her mommy and daddy already. Responds to name...Bristol. Likes puffs. Enjoyed her first sucker with daddy...wasn't sure at first but caught on. And of course this wasn't her mommy's idea but daddy thought it would be good for bonding:)

Baby girl, we fall more in love with you every day and thank God he gave us you...

Wednesday afternoon we toured the Ethnic Museum in an old palace in Addis and again experienced the streets of Addis by taxi. I am never disappointed in our taxi sites and experiences:)

But our highlight was realizing that the chicken we found in our courtyard just so happened to be the same chicken we would be eating later. Not a fan. Not a fan. I like to think my chicken dinner comes from a magical place at the grocery store that has nothing to do with the feathered friends we see clucking around. eek. Joey was so fired up about the chicken that if the van wouldn't have been pulling away he would have been "the slaughterer". again, not a fan. Our cook was beyond excited Joey wanted to do this and it brought great laughs to our Ethiopian friends but like I said...the van was leaving... so he missed the opportunity. Not sure I could've taken pics of this experience anyway.

Another day in a place that will never leave my heart...

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