Wednesday, November 5, 2008

a race well run

i am so proud today of our poppi and the race he ran. he is a man who truly seeks the Lord in everything. he was amazing last nite at the election party. though results were not in our favor - it was a race well ran. i know God has big things in store for this man and for our family.

this is the best pic i captured of the kids and poppi. he was doing his thing and the kids goofing off. they were a wee bit bored at the grown up party but did so good. they hoped for cake (which they did end up enjoying) and party games of which there were none:)

my crew enjoying a seat- which was pretty hard to come by last nite

my beautiful Briley

the boys crashed on Padre last nite while briley wallowed in a chair nearby. exhaustion had set in for us all.

a special thanks to all (Mimi and Padre and the Louths) for helping entertain us.

today marks a day of change for this country. my candidate didn't win the election - so now my prayers have changed somewhat- they are now for this new president elect and his leadership. they are still for christians to stand up for what we believe in and they will always be for this country.


3lackeygirls said...

I am feeling a big conviction today to start getting vocal about what it is we do believe in. This is one very good thing that is coming from our new president elect. Hopefully it will stir the souls of many more Christians out there as well. I'm definitely feeling the spiritual warfare descending upon us more and more. We must equip ourselves and our families for this new direction our country will be heading! xoxo Brooke

Anonymous said...

I read your blog. all the time and enjoy it sooo much. You and Joey have such a sweet family.
Sorry Monty didn't win with all our prayers that went up I'm know God sees the big picture and always gives us what is best. Love, Greta