Tuesday, February 3, 2009

answered prayers

after much anticipation, several false alarms, and many prayers this little man entered the world a bit over 3 weeks early but perfectly healthy!

his name is Tucker and he is an absolutely, perfectly precious 6 lb baby boy. I am proud to once again have a nephew (you see I have no nieces- that is as of yet- i'm holding out that maybe this summer i'll have one of those too?! if not- no biggie- we'll just have our own ball team.)

here he is with his mommy (my sis- Hayley) and his big brother Tyler

and of course I had to get my hold in asap- but only after I had removed his hat and spiked his super soft dark hair!

Briley has yet to see him and is chomping at the bit to get her hands on him (oh- she's so much like her mommy!). she thought maybe she could miss school today to go for a visit but after finding out that was a negative she settled for heading up for a visit after school.
the boys are not so concerned. Imagine that.


Ashley said...

Sweet sweet babies! Precious... so I am guessing that Dana has not/ is not finding out the gender? How fun!

Grace and Fam said...

My heart is so happy over this little one. When I got your text, I couldn't help but tear up ;)

Can't wait to meet little Tucker!!

Kyla said...

Thank you for blogging this! I got to use the pictures for our school e-mail! He is an answer to prayer!

Becky said...

Precious baby!

Thanks for signing my blog. We do know some of the same people and I checked out your blog awhile back when you signed in on the yahoo group but didn't realize we were close to each other. I look forward to following your journey!