Wednesday, January 28, 2009


in honor of us being less than 50 on the wait list for our baby girl and in honor of Beth in my Bible Study that suggested we list 50 things we are thankful for...

and do you know that is actually hard to list 50 things- i stressed over leaving something out or trying to decide what i was truly MOST grateful for... anyways...

50 things i am thankful for...
  1. my Jesus
  2. my Joey
  3. 3 pregnancies
  4. Briley
  5. Braxton
  6. Barron
  7. our adoption
  8. my parents (my upbringing)
  9. my in-laws
  10. our BIG extended family
  11. home sweet home
  12. Dr Brooks (the best pediatrician ever)
  13. our land
  14. church
  15. food
  16. especially chocolate
  17. the B-I-B-L-E
  18. the kids' schools/teachers
  19. my wedding ring
  20. date nites
  21. our new BIG bed (yet to be delivered)
  22. an amazing group of friends
  23. Bri's decision to follow Jesus
  24. $ for our needs (and wants)
  25. good pair of jeans
  26. the beach house
  27. TLC Medical
  28. the opportunity of the Congress race
  29. nature (flowers, creeks, trees, etc etc)
  30. pictures that document our memories (on album #23)
  31. our health
  32. the ocean
  33. sweet tea
  34. hot showers
  35. peace
  36. the desire for missions God has placed in our hearts
  37. a joyful heart
  38. my Bible Study
  39. family dinners around our kitchen table
  40. my big kids playing so well together every day
  41. summer time
  42. housecleaners (which i don't have right now)
  43. love
  44. vacations
  45. crazy fun-filled times
  46. quiet relaxing times
  47. good books and movies
  48. medicines
  49. God's guidance
  50. my life


Our Family said...

love the list friend! it makes me see all that we have to be thankful for as well! love ya

Ashley said...


Kristi J said...

how great was that post!! Yes, the zoo will come out and she got to pick her animals she wanted..she loved it. loved your 50 things :) I"ll chat with Bev and we'll have to pick a date soon to get together...kristi

Debbie said...

I just happened across your blog. I think I saw it on McMama's blog. I loved your 9 goals for 2009! Do you mind if I totally borrow (ok copy) those from you? You picked the perfect verses.

Kris & Staci said...

If you don't mind us asking, how did you find out your "girl" number. I didn't think that they would give us that number, just our overall number. We're kind of curious what our "actual" number is. Congrats on the 50!