Sunday, January 25, 2009

post # 2 - Top this!

We went to the Big Top! The Circus! And in the words of my 2 older kids..."this is the best thing i've ever seen..."
Briley and Mommy... this girl sat down only twice the entire show... she stood perfectly frozen caught up in the excitement!

Pre-circus fun... Braxton was chosen to go out in the ring and let the jugglers juggle around him:)

And what is a circus without lots of way too costly treats... like $6 funnel cakes... and $4 bottled water...

and $9 snow cones... Brax don't look so scared- i only wanted one little bite- geez!

and then there's the kid that is way too young to drink a coke product from such a big cup or sit in a seat alone... but then again he is big stuff! and even though it was a late night he loved the circus and made momma proud acting so big!

a fave of ours... the elephants!

Briley asked if we could go back today. Nope. But soon, real soon!


Kristi J said...

too fun...we went yesterday..the kids had a blast!! Our baby wouldn't sit through it...and Hal fell asleep...oh, well...better luck next year with 5 kids :) ha. kristi

Phillip and Amber...Parents to Be :-) said...

So happy you had a fun-filled weekend. You even got some grownup time in there! Missed you at the shower, but I know I will see you soon. Hugs and kisses to your entire beautiful family. By the way, I read your adoption timeline. I know it is a huge big deal to have that dosier complete and sent to CHN. I can't wait to meet your little girl. :)