Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy 2009

ummmm, can we say forced smile??!!!
these guys partied like rock stars at our friends, the sheets', house new years eve. that is until their parents tired out:)
honestly though, we were all nestled all snug in our beds by 11pm. and that makes me feel great this morning!
what are your resolutions this year? i am still working on mine...
wishing everyone a blessed 2009! make it the greatest ever!
oh- just trying on this new blog look on for size. not sure it's a keeper...

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Kristi J said...

happy new year to you...I need to change my blog look..It is pretty boring compared to those out there I see. Our kids were exhausted today due to last night's festivities on New Years Eve...We're hoping for our referral this coming week, kj