Friday, December 26, 2008


Christmas was wonderful this year! I was so thankful as we opened gifts and hung out with family and talked about Jesus' birthday and the true reason for the season. I love watching the excitement in the kids!

You see, this Christmas was almost (way to close for comfort) going to find us not together on Christmas morning. Barron was very close to being sent to Vandy for an enlarged and infected lymph node on his neck. But, Praise be to God for answered prayers (yes, i have been on my knees several times this month asking for healings and... yes, God has healed). Then, there is my sweet sister who is trying to not have her sweet baby for atleast another month.

Here's the Lankford crew getting fired up for gifts on Christmas eve! We had a yummy lunch and fun present time before hitting a Christmas eve service!

The big day...
Here's my crew Christmas morning- nothing is better opening presents!

and digging in stockings!

My side of the family comes over for Christmas lunch and gifts. Here is Padre giving Barron his first knife. He has done this for all his grandboys!

My mom, me, my sis (and the little guy trying to stay in her belly)...
the annual force everyone to stand in front of the tree and smile Christmas pic! (yes, that's a gun i'm holding- like i said it takes "force")(oh and yes, it's fake)
now, as all you moms know, you always want an annual Christmas pj pic. i especially like one on Christmas morning. didn't happen for me this year. here's why... 2am Christmas morning brax wakes up all but barron b/c he has wet the bed and of course his pjs. so, new pjs- throw xmas ones in wash. then barron wakes up 6am with his pjs ruined from, nope not pee, but diarrhea (antibiotics will do that to you- you know). ok, boys wear other pjs- i'm a mom of 3- you gotta roll with the punches- no biggie! needless to say, after a couple of washings i snuck in our pic xmas nite before we all crashed form exhaustion:)

hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

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Kristi J said...

Looks like you guys had a blessed Holiday....Merry Christmas to you a day late, and hope to meet you all soon, kristi