Monday, December 15, 2008

most special party- Briley's tea party

this year we celebrated Briley's birthday with a tea party. it was my favorite party for her yet. so fun and girly. she loved every second of it!

i love my "almost" 7 year old.

briley and 2 party friends.

the tea party. i was surprised at all the consumption of hot tea. it was a yummy contribution by Braxton and his teacher Mrs Cindy.

3 cheers for cupcakes. thanks Em for the icing recipe and tool. i'd say they were as yummy as some i could have bought.

i can't believe i have thrown 7 birthday parties for sweet briley. time flies.


sonya said...

sweet sis... almost 7...can't believe it is possible...
p.s. those cupcakes look divine!

new mom in law said...

She is precious!! Love me a *girly girl*! Everything looked so pretty!
Angela (Robin Carter's friend in NC)