Monday, December 15, 2008

1st party of the weekend was...

a super duper thanks to jeff and ashley for hosting the 1st annual tacky christmas party. i felt like i had to edit most pics so i just picked these 2. we had 2 cousin eddies from christmas vacation (yes the had on homemade dickies), a cindy lou-who, a grinch, and lots of christmas sweaters.

my favorite part was the caroling. next year we know to start earlier. the only thing that could have made my night better...that Joey could have been there with me and not at home sick:(

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Ashley said...

Well... if you would have only asked, there would not have had to be any homemade dickies... Last year, BJ and I gave away (as a dirty santa gift) a gold lamay (is that how you spell it) dickie that was still in a drawer (NOT MINE)