Monday, December 1, 2008

it's beginning to look alot like Christmas...

Little by little it is starting to look like Christmas around here. Here's a few reasons why...

Each year (until they turn 5) Nonni and Papa get the kids an ornament for the tree.

This year may be Braxton's favorite as it is The Grinch! Just recently this little movie buff decided that this movie wasn't too scary to watch.

Barron loved his Pooh ornament. Too bad mommy won't let him hold it:)

Mimi has literally worked all year to finish these 2 stockings. Yes, she sewed on every detail! I must add that even Padre sewed a few sequins. Oh how special these stockings are! They remind me so much of the ones she made for Hayley and I when we were little. Sweet Memories!

Both big kids have their very own tree in their bedroom that they have decorated themselves!

And last but not least, maybe a favorite tradition- The Elf on the Shelf. Meet our very own little elf "Bernard" ! We love him alot around here.

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Amy said...

Oh, we have an elf on the shelf too! Only ours is from the 70's when I was a little girl! :) I need to pick up that new one with the book, don't I?

Gracie always loves to have her own tree in her room fun to go to sleep with the lights twinkling! ;)
Question: Would you mind getting with Michelle Willis to help me out with the Christmas party? I have to get busy on the gifts for Mrs. Neal/baby stuff and don't know how I can do it all! Just let me know!
Also, Gracie is so very down that she can't attend the tea party :( That afternoon is her Christmas play at church....she has 2 speaking parts! Yikes!
Email me:
Love ya!