Monday, December 22, 2008

more merriest memories

we have made many a merry memory so far this holiday season and we still have 2.5 fun filled days to go!

school parties- brax loves mrs cindy

bri loves mrs neal- whose baby boy is due in one month!

nothing ever ever ever beats some lap time with SANTA! even the bear loved the bearded fellow!

there is nothing like some reindeer games...

or gingerbread lickin'

or a rendition of The Christmas Story Lankford Dickson style! if you look closely you can count 33 people and well, that's not even the half of it. we think we broke a record of attendance this year. my guess is we hit 100?!

briley and joey's grandpa wayne.

because of an accident he had as a young man and the prayers of his mom- an entire family was changed for the good. an entire family was SAVED. this family, who once didn't know the Lord, now is full of many christians, several preachers, and a few missionaries!

yes, they are supposed to show their bellies in the Lankford Dickson annual guys singing of Up on the Housetop!

i had to include a pic of braxton and the family member we believe he looks like the most- his 2nd cousin hannah!

these girls make me smile. they are joey's cousins and their sis-in-law. we adopted them as our christmas project this year as their mom and dad are missionaries in china and are away for the holidays!

another family party required nonni to help with the caroling!

i love the old timey bubbly lights behind barron. i want to find some for us for next year. (please don't get distracted by the tv- just the old fashioned lights!hehe!)

this time of year is always so much fun. i feel like i have missed a chunk of it this year as we have had some type of illness going on since the beginning of december. i do believe we are almost totally healed as the day we celebrate Jesus' birthday fast approaches:)

yes- i am certain i have broken my record (and many others' records) for most pictures posted in one posting!!!

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