Tuesday, December 16, 2008

a message, a message, a very important message

ok- this is a record. 3rd post of the day.

TODAY at 5pm i ran to UPS to try and retrieve the package joey had just dropped off for overnite mail to add 3 more important documents i had accidently left out of OUR DOSSIER.

yes my friends, IT IS DONE. every single page typed pretty, signed, notarized, copied,taken to 2 counties for county authentication (or whatever you call it), and to the Tennessee Secretary of State for certification.

i meant to actually count the pages but never got a chance to. let's just say they had to ship it in a box:)

tuesday our adoption consultant will review it and wednesday (i am praying all is perfect with the documents) it will be sent to D.C. we are pumped.

so very soon we will be on the list and the official wait will begin.


Melissa P. said...

yay! that is VERY exciting!

Kristi J said...

congrats...I had lunch with Bev S. today!! She's so great! I know she said you guys go to church together but I forgot to ask her where you guys live...I think you got more snow than us where ever you are. I LOVED sending off our dossier..it was so exciting..and the wait has flown by, kristi

Grace and Fam said...

yay!!! Can't wait to meet her!!!!!!!!

Trendy Mindy said...

I just found you guys!! YEAH we live in Nash too!! We should get together with all the ET parents/soon to be parents!! That would be tooo fun!

Troy said...

That's awesome ... congrats guys!

Anonymous said...

Courtney......You are the greatest wife in the world. Your work in this adoption has been relentless. I am so excited for us and look forward to going with you on this journey.