Monday, January 19, 2009

life with 5

(5 kids getting donuts!!! left to right- briley age 7, hannah age 10(in back) holding barron age 15 mos, peyton age 7 (front row) then braxton age 4)

i got a taste of what life would be with 5 kids would be this weekend. as we kept joey's cousins over the weekend i thought, wow, this could be me- mom to 5.

we are heading quickly to #4 and well i can't for sure say we wouldn't have another or adopt again. and i can't imagine that #4 would be the last... but... i haven't had to consistently mother more than 3 kiddos at one time and yeah 3 can be exhausting and, well, who knows.

brushing 5 heads of hair, making 5 kid plates at each meal with drinks and the refills, constantly counting 5 kids when we are out in public to assure everyone is accounted for, imagining doing homework x 5, shopping x 5 kids each season, spreading our sick germs thru the house x 5, finding individual time for each child- sounds tiring but oh so rewarding!!! i just love kids! anyways- i'm sure God will lead us just as He does daily:)

the girls graciously let braxton be included in the super pallet at bedtime.

we had lots of laughs over the weekend! one of our favorite adventures was going bowling. joey and i decided we are the world's worst couple bowlers! oh well!

braxton surprised us with his skillz! he came in second, right after hannah. way to go, buddy!

today- we celebrate no school, settle in our warm house, and play and play!

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Ashley said...

Girl... you are making me SCARED!!!! I AM SCARED! Eliza was so easy because she came home sleeping through the night. I AM SCARED! But I gotta get the little one out first.