Monday, January 12, 2009


i was so happy that my sister, hayley, made it to her baby shower yesterday at my house. honestly, i was worried she might not but...

here she is with my mom! all 33+ weeks pregnant with that baby boy that i can't even guess the name.

these 4 gals and 2 more not pictured helped me by bringing "yummies" to the just desserts shower!

almost all the shower crew!

hang in there a little longer sweet boy (and hayley)!

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Kristi J said...

Yes, we're close and I can't wait...I"m so excited and don't want to miss The Call...Too funny we both gave showers...Our lives are running on the same track these days :) and yes, now that the holidays are over, lets try and schedule a play date together and talk adoption stuff....Kristi