Sunday, April 26, 2009

we might be the first...

we might be the first folks to host a baby shower truly in the creek...

no kidding. we had tables, chairs, yummy food, cute galoshes, and our Sunday best right smack in the creek!
pictured above... our "in the creek" table. but- to be totally honest the entire shower wasn't in the creek. there was a "land-based" table beside it for those without proper "wading the waters" attire.

nevertheless- we spent lots of time cooling off in the water.

Aunt Laurie and her beautiful girls, plus a few more family members and friends, made the trek from Dickson... Yeah! we love seeing these guys!

and the reason for this shower... this sis-in-law Dana and her sweet baby girl or boy?!

my 2 sis-in-laws. Dana the preggo one. and Tiff the it's in her creek one.

cousins in the creek. Hannah and Peyton Louth and my Briley.

the tiniest galoshes wearer- cousin Livi - who is so loved (and mother henned) by Briley.

please pardon the quality of my pics. we were so grateful for the gorgeous warm and sunny day but- boy oh boy -do we have shadows on our pics. who cares if a wonderful time was had- right?

oh and very importantly- my precious friend, Em, who got me my galoshes recently for my birthday. thanks girl! we both picked out the same top 3 Target boots online and said -what the heck -let's just both get them:)

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