Thursday, April 30, 2009

how do?

how do you keep 4 children quiet and sitting perfectly still for more than 3 minutes?
find the perfect movie- i guess?!

how do you get a 19 month old to stop talking about mowers?
you do NOT do this! seriously, all this kid talks about is riding on various vehicles...

how do you entertain 4 boys on an 80' spring day?
play in the creek, of course.
how do you plant a garden?
well, you thank your awesome neighbor for bringing down his tractor and tilling the ground.
you try to keep your kids occupied while you string line, dig holes, make mounds, plant seeds.
and most importantly, when you go back days later to weed, you explain to your almost 5 yr old that you may not jump on the mounds with seeds so delicately planted and you must only pull weeds (not the poor tomato plants- which i found 7 pulled right up by the roots tossed aside by my little helper- are you kidding me)
no wonder i waited until now to start a garden!
let's hope something survived Braxton's garden tending. no promises, though:)

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