Friday, April 3, 2009

we told them...

this morning started out just like any other...
i hear briley clanging around in the kitchen fixing her own breakfast (yes- i do make her breakfast but she is "going to die starving" first thing every morning soooo she gets it going for us).
she is dressed.
i get barron up. (he, by the way, is the first riser every day but..he is trapped in his bed).
braxton comes down dressed.

then, things change up a bit.
we call them to our room.
i have a bag full of treasures.
they close their eyes.
out comes (much needed) crocs with mickey and minnie jibbits.
do they get the hint? sort of.
they close their eyes again and out comes coloring books and crayons with mickey all over them.
do they get the hint? getting there.
we say, "we are going to disney world", "flying on a plane"... and then...

they get it! they scream and hug and jump and dance. briley says "oh daddy" over and over agin as she rolls and flops and jumps and hugs. she was wild! barron is mostly fired up about his new crocs as he loves shoes- but he can atleast say "mick mouse". braxton watched his sister's reaction closely and then joined in on the carrying on.

we are beside ourselves with excitement!


Love Being a Nonny said...

I got excited just reading this!!! Have fun! We took our three at those ages!! Life long memories!

Amy said...

oh, you are going to have SO MUCH FUN!!!!
I shall not tell G.....hee hee!

(she got to go last year though)

Can't wait for you to post photos from your travels! We love you!

Grace and Fam said...

How exciting!! Gracey is going to be all about the next set of pics you post for sure!!