Tuesday, May 12, 2009

welcome daddy, loving mommy

oh how excited we were to welcome daddy home from Nicaragua on Saturday nite! he, along with 2 of my bro-in-laws, my very own father, and lots of my guy buddies went door to door sharing the love of Jesus and did construction work in 105 degree weather. their stories are amazing. check joey's blog for details and pics... yippeeee! daady's back!

Sunday was for loving mommy! i have a cry story related to my "carved serving tray" seen in the pic below. it was my mother's day gift from my 2 big kids. how, you ask, was i ever able to be the recipient of such an amazing treasure?

the short version is... all 3 kids and I are at our friendly neighborhood Publix on Saturday doing our weekly grocery trip (tidbit- i really try not to take all 3 kids but with summer coming up i'm sure it will be a group adventure- now back to story...).

we are on the baking aisle when Briley franctically asks, "when is mother's day?".
"tomorrow", i reply.
"oh mommy, you go down there- we want to pick out a present for you!" , Briley says.
"ok, i'll wait down at the end of the aisle", i say and off the Bear and i go.

i take a couple sneak peaks. there is big debating going on b/t the 2 big kids. i am imagining those cake decorating/icing thingys. you know, like the letters you stick on or the flowers or...

they come bounding back to the buggy hiding the treasure behind their backs then under the bread in the buggy.
as we finish shopping, i hear how it is only $3.99 and it is carved. "oooooh", i say, "but keep it a surprise!"

at checkout, once again i turn around so i can not see, and hear Briley telling the checkout guy "it's for my mom for mother's day. it's a surprise! oh, no sticker on it?! that's ok, it's $3.99 - just type that in."

brown paper bag and big smiles later we head to the car.

Sunday morning i am greeted with a gift bag full of purple tool and i pull out this "carved serving tray". i tear a little as i remember them searching for the perfect gift at no ther than Publix. how sweet my babies are to me. i also received the most precious card from Briley (another tear jerker). oh, and i had yummy muffins made for me.

to make it even better, we had lunch at J. Alex. Yum! Then, we went to sweet Mrs Connie's house for dinner and fun!

it really was one of my fave mother's days. i have had 8 so far. my very 1st one was super spectacular too. well, i can't lie- they've all been wonderful. i am very blessed.....

my proud kiddos and my present the "carved serving tray". don't mind Briley's gloves or my half closed eyes:)

my beautiful mom and me!

the moms at Mrs Connie's Mother's Day celebration.
back row (dana- due any day with her 1st baby, tiff, and me)
front row (nonni- dana's mom and the mother-in-law to tiff and me, mrs connie- tiff's mom, and mimi- my mom)

and there you have it welcome daddy, loving mommy

p.s. the white dress and also the brown dress i have on in the mother's day pics are both from Nicaragua. and so is Briley's pink dress. daddy always does so well picking out perfect treasures for us!

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