Saturday, May 30, 2009


what? no pictures?
what? you've been where? doing what?

do not be dismayed, i am ALMOST back:)

between personal computer problems and a bum home wireless modem, let's just say i have been far removed from the world wide web.

tonite i post from joey's computer. so, no pics to share. BUT, coming in a day or so will be the blog update/catch-up.

while gone from blog world, where have we been you ask?

finishing school and beginning our summer fun.

playing at the park, having picnics, a graduation, the zoo, running thru sprinkler sprays, raising chickens and trying to prevent their death by our 2 german shepherds, playing in and out doors, grilling, throwing and attending parties, creeking, gardening, weeding, mowing, cleaning, and on and on...

seriously though, i hope to have my computer up and running asap. it feels weird after a year to be, uuummmm.... DISCONNECTED

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