Thursday, September 17, 2009

don't be fooled

though we wear them well and know exactly what to do to keep them dry...

don't be fooled!
he is not potty trained -nor am i even claiming that i am really trying to train him.
but, let it be known, he is going to be my toughest "trainer" yet.
b/c little guy tells me when he needs to go, uses the potty, and gets his special treat! and can even do this several times in a row BUT...
then he decides he'd rather use his britches so mommy can clean him up and he can carry on with playing!
or that a flat out "No Ma'am"answer is better and holds it for awhile -before managing to once again use his britches.
or better yet- sit on the potty in order to just play with the tp and try to head butt mommy- all while singing, smiling, and claiming the peepee is coming.
anyways- it was his idea to start trying the potty. and like i said- i'm not claiming we are really even in training.
just so you know.

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Jenny said...

Oh the one part of motherhood I am NOT looking forward to. I have been through it too many times with my nephews. Good luck Court. I pray that it happens before his sweet sister gets here so you only have 1 in diapers at a time.