Wednesday, September 9, 2009

labor-ing part 2

the closest and "fun-est" place we found on the Trace is below.
the jones' told me about this place-
plus my parents had already been here
so... joey and i packed up our crew and headed for an adventure. we grabbed mimi and padre along the way:)

waterfall fun (oh so cold)

the bear thought he was quite the navigation pro- thanks to padre for being on lifeguard duty.

obstacle course creek bed fun...

over and under and thru the creek to where it ends we don't know... oh but wait- crazy part is... we did find the end of the cool creek. thing just stopped and i guess went underground???

splash fun

and very importantly... birthday celebrating!

2 cousins, padre, and my crew after a small hike for a not- so- amazing view. sticking with just the waterfall next time!

only a small bit of labor-ing was done on Labor Day this year and that consisted of what i would call "smallish hiking" and lots of fun.
Here's to the end of summer and start of fall. even though the weather doesn't feel to fallish right now...

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Ashley said...

hommm... the thought did cross my mind to tell you not to do the "hike" but I guess it never went from brain to lips... I can't wait to go when the water is gushing!