Tuesday, September 8, 2009

labor-ing part uno

our labor day weekend started out with a b-fast in honor of "aunt dee's surprise visit to the America". she does amazing things in China. what an awesome lady:) we love you aunt dee!

it was so wonderful to be apart of this moment.. aunt dee flew from China and surprised her dad "Grandpa Wayne". it had been a long while since they had seen each other and well... she was hidden behind a couple of the big guys in the fam until she got right up to him and he spotted her in the crowd of folks. and let me add- as usual there is always a crowd of folks around grandpa wayne- he has more grandchildren than i can even remember (>40) plus great grandkids and there are always strays around too!

a motley crew with precious puppies. my bunch loves hanging out with these cousins (ok- 2nd cousins).

more cousin love.
(with a shout out to jade's mom- it's time to start your blog!)

******* *******
labor-ing part 2 begins like this...
a quick road trip with padre following behind in the jeep...

and the wind in our hair...

stay tuned for our adventure!

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