Thursday, December 10, 2009

meeting Santa this year

we could not have been any more excited to meet Santa this year.

Briley asked me on the way to see him if it would be ok to ask for a real puppy?!
I replied yes- i guess so.
After helping her brothers get settled on Santa's lap (see below) she proceeded to drop the bomb..
"I want a real puppy this year."
To which this wonderful Santa explained so perfectly- "I'll have to check with your mom and dad on that one" and "puppies don't like to ride in the sleigh they get too cold".
These answers made her happy. And not another word was said.
And NO we are not getting a puppy for Christmas. We have 2 in the garage she cares less about. Ok - i know they are full grown german shepherd beasts.
But hey, one was her birthday present just just 4 years ago this month.

i took a great smiling picture but it was too fuzzy. bummer. thank goodness- we got a good one from the photographer.
Santa memories- oh how i love this time of year.

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