Sunday, December 20, 2009

party, party, and party

Briley had a big birthday bash in which we decorated aprons, decorated cookies, had a full blown nail painting session, and an 'almost still enough for a movie' time.

Briley and 6 girls partied hard.

and momma? well, i ended up tired, but happy.

but we didn't stop partyin'.

nope. we joined the "caroling cousins" and the rest of the extended Lankford fam for some Christmas merriment. it's always fun to play and hang with all these guys that we only see a time or two each year.

and nope.

still not done partyin'!

we got even more merry with this bunch. even though no one lived up to their "talents, demonstrations, acting skills, etc"- we sure enjoyed hype-ing it up!

here's to a few more parties...

hope your holidays are full of fun, enjoyment, family, and most of all JESUS!

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