Tuesday, December 22, 2009

a story of lights

last nite was one of my favorite holiday traditions...
looking at the Christmas lights.

i love the lights. the kids love the lights. barron even points out porch lights and says, "hey- Christmas lights. yea!" he's a bit too easily pleased for me. i go for a much bigger show like seen below.

our first stop is hard to beat. i mean can you believe this? and this isn't even the half of it. the entire road does a great job of showing their holiday spirit!

next stop. why- George Jones' - of course. the possum always does a heck of a job. (not sure he hangs one single strand but hey somebody pays that light bill).

ooohh- the chair. We don't need no (little) rockin' chair! can't call it Christmas without posting yourself up in this big girl.

now. i know this is turning into a long post and too many pics but keep going...

part of the fun of Christmas lights is getting to climb around on the pallet in the back of the car. this year to make it a wee bit crazier we added eggnog. yep- i know- wild!
the pics tell the story... :)

after a full day on the job and almost 2 hours of Christmas festivities my Joe looks a bit frazzled. what do yout think? (pay special attn to the last 2 pics)
he did inform me as we went to bed last nite that this activity is not his fave Christmas tradition. what? i am still in shock today! how can you not think this is the greatest?
well, Joe, they are only little once- thanks for being a trooper. and- by the way- you do know we have many more years of this fun- right?


Nonni said...

Keep enjoying this tradition! My
girls are all grown up and still
look forward to going to look "at
the lights!" :)

sonya said...

:) loved finally getting to catch up with some of your posts. the christmas lights tradition is a MUST! think i'm finally back in the swing of this blog thing- i'm gonna try to post 1x a month @ least! :)