Tuesday, May 18, 2010

because adventure is our...

because adventure is our middle name...

because we are not afraid to pick up anything. check out the poised-for-a-pinch crab.

because riding the waves never disappoints.

because purchasing critters with pinchers and expecting these pets to not use said pinchers is a big, ugly joke.

less than 5 minutes after this pic- brax's hermit crab latched mercilessly onto the palm of his hand for, no joke, 60+ seconds where his blood curdling screams (as if a murder was occurring) caused his sister and brother to join in on the ear piercing racket.

needless to say brax is still not sure he even cares about said crab anymore.

funny how even as a kid i thought how cool it's be to have a hermit crab and how they promote those suckers so big at the beach ...and well, that they would need a hazardous to children warning.

nope, nary a word of safety.

guess we should have caught on to the crab word.

because their father -though deceiving in this pic- takes the big kids way far out. need i say...sharks?!

no really, the next day we actually saw a sand shark? swimming right along the shore. let me tell you had that thing swam close to me...flipped out is not even the word!

on a happier note...great thing about this pic is how you can see the calm seas. kinda felt like we were at the lake, not beach. not sure i like it this calm.

sweet thing loves to collect treasures and creatures. these happened to come to come from the trip in pic above of everyone being too far out on a raft and daddy snorkeling and diving. really cool and perfect sand dollars. thanks daddy!

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