Wednesday, May 26, 2010

didn't pass

so sad to have to say we didn't pass court today.
not everyone who was supposed to be there showed up.
so now we wait again.
wait for 3 MORE WEEKS.
our next court date is JUNE 16.
please keep us in your prayers and pray we pass court this time.

on a happier note,
today i got a much needed treat.
a video of my sweet girl laughing and smiling and let me tell you she's a doll!

let the countdown begin again!


Hubbards said...

PRAYING for you!

susanv said...

Oh Courtney ... so sorry for you guys. I thought about you a lot today and wondered how it went. We will be praying for June 16. God is in control!!

3 Blessings said...

So sorry you didn't pass. We have a court date of the 15th.

Bonner Family said...

I'm sorry you didn't pass. I know how hard that is. We have a court date on June 11. Who knows, we could have a plane full of TNs. That would be very cool!

Jenny said...

My heart just hurt when I saw this. His purpose will prevail!!!

the overtons said...

oh courtney...i am soo sorry to hear this...praying that everything is in place for june 16

Chrissy said...

I am so sorry. We didn't have our MOWA letter on May 18th and go back on June 1st. The thing that helps me is to know that the likelihood that you will pass INCREASES with each court date. Sending hugs and well wishes!

Christy. said...

So sorry you didn't pass!! Praying for your new date!

Becky said...

So sorry that you have to wait 3 more weeks. So happy that you got video and hopefully your kiddos will keep you busy until the next court date. Thinking of you!

Lindsay Barrett said...

Hi Courtney: We don't know each other, but I stumbled across your blog through a friend's blog. Could I get your email address? I tried to send you an email the other day, but I don't think it went through. I think we are about to begin the international adoption process, and I was moved by your story. I would love to correspond with you. You must be so excited about what is about to happen for your family.
Lindsay Barrett