Tuesday, May 11, 2010

what a treat

my incredibly awesome husband kept the kiddos for a few days while mimi and i headed for
rest, relaxation, sun and fun at the beach.

and wow...padre so graciously let us take the jeep:)

i have only once left the kiddos overnight with joe and well, it had been too long.
i felt like my arm, my other arm, and one leg had been lost (hence the "i have 3 kids thing")
BUT i got used to it and loved having time to myself.
no mouths to feed (but my own), early risers, whines to hear, peeps to chase after
....you get my drift.
i did hang with some wonderful ladies (who happened to have their kiddos) for a yummy dinner one nite.

though fun was had w/out the kiddos and joe. i was ready when they showed up the end of the week. they love the beach like me,
and well...it just didn't seem fair to be there too long w/out them.i must say celebrating mother's day with my favorite people at my favorite place couldn't have been better

and what made it even more special was sharing it with mimi and padre.

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