Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Stop judging according to outward appearances; 
rather judge according to righteous judgment. 
John 7:24

can you honestly say that you 
go through an entire day without
judging someone?
it is a tough question.
at first you want to shout out an immediate yes
but really...

do you not judge someone 
by their 
clothes, hair, car, finances/wealth, 
home, color, job, belongings, ego,
thoughts, words, actions, driving,
spending habits, cooking skills, attitude,
gifts, talents, church attendance, accomplishments,
titheing, style, decorating skills, 
cleanliness, smell, lawn...
and the list goes on.

convicting, huh?!

judge not, lest you be judged.

i am learning each day 
that there are so many amazing people 
throughout the world who are not like me,
not like what i am used to.
who have so much to offer.
who are teaching me so much.

give me your eyes, your ears, your heart
for others
and teach me to leave the judgement to you.


Kim said...

LOVED this.. thank you!l

Amanda Pilkinton said...

court- lately this has been my constant prayer. it is so difficult. thanks for the reminder:) love you girl!

Love Being A Nonny said...

This should not be difficult...but it IS. Thank you for the reminder.