Monday, March 28, 2011


i have been introduced to TINA.
actually we met as soon as we landed here in south africa.
she is the kind of gal that is always involved when trouble arises.
the one your momma warned you to steer clear of
because trouble follows her.

TINA,you see, is actually not a real gal
just someone who gets the blame for inconviences, problems, issues, disturbances, "bad"...
you get my drift.

TINA just stands for

If you have ever traveled outside the US,
then TINA has graced you with her
presense at one time or another
and you know exactly what i mean.
whether at the airport,
dealing with overseas banking,
international calls and phones,
service industry differences,
TINA works at them all.

living overseas it feels nice to
name your issue.
and so, when we have an issue
TINA is the scapegoat.
living overseas means things function
differently than you experienced
back home on American soil.
some of this nice and others not so pretty.

i must say that honestly,
TINA is not always "bad".
there are many differences
that are actually
much better than the American way.
but those are happy
and we all smile and carry on our merry way.

it is the so called "bad" different that slow us down and wears on us.
making us want to say...
please, there is a better and easier way.
and therefore,
roll our eyes at TINA.

i share all this to say,
TINA is working with me now on
internet issues.
our once awesome internet is not so cool now.
cutting out and acting up.
and TINA is definitely involved.
she is involved in the issue and also the fixing of the prob.
with that said,
i am not sure how many posts i can keep posting.
i am holding out but...

the other well known acronym answers...

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Anonymous said...

Oh you gave me a great laugh after a long day of work! Praying for you guys! Love-Shelley
PS I can't believe how much the plants have grown:)