Sunday, March 13, 2011

watching bikes

the roads were shut down 
and we were shut in.

shut in our place 
with some living hope vols
who managed to check in 
at our place at 6:40am
before the roads around here were closed.

we made breakfast
watched movies
walked the boardwalk
sat inside
sat outside
went to watch the race

briley with natasha and amy
(amy happens to be from our church back home
 but we didn't meet her until here)

boys in "the boot" riding down the road a bit to see the race

we had a braai
we played games
we hiked the mountain by our house

what a way to end a week of weeks here for us.
momma was sick this week and well...
when momma ain't well
things just ain't right.
thanks to those whose raised up some prayers
in my behalf.
i have been sick 
something like 3 times in briley's life
and this was one of them. yuck!

looking forward to the week ahead.

and have a few more fun pics to share...soon...

1 comment:

Jen Gash said...

I love these fun pics AND I love that y'all have officially bonded with my fabulous Amy! I asked her to give y'all hugs for me. Glad you're feeling a little better. Still praying for you!